Tourism Marketing Consultants in Canary Islands

The range of services on offer at VMAR turismo encompasses many facets of commercialisation, ranging from promotion at trade fairs and bespoke marketing plans to yield management, thereby allowing clients to react to critical occupancy situations with the required levels of dynamism.

Thanks to our use of new technologies, clients are able to do direct business over the Internet.

Likewise, our excellent ties with both traditional and virtual tour operators, as well as with direct clients, have resulted in strategic agreements that provide our clients with a trump card when it comes to negotiating sales. This entire range of advantages allows clients to improve and simplify the task of commercialising their products, including those aimed at groups and incentive plans, and to benefit from alliances with leading operators.

In addition, the experience of VMAR turismo in emerging countries helps all our clients to expand, this being a vital step for all hotel companies operating in this enormously competitive market, in which it is essential to minimise risk and enjoy the security obtained from diversifying destinations and products.

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