Tourism Marketing Consultants in Canary Islands

VMAR turismo objectives mirror those of our clients.

Efficient consultancy: In order to attain our goals, we analyse the individual needs of each client so as to build a solid platform from which to act accordingly.

Going the extra mile: By using innovative sales channels, we can ensure that our clients’ products stretch further afield and reach a broader base. This feature has now been strengthened thanks to penetration into emerging markets.

Positioning: Thanks to our focus on improving reach and targeting more customers, the client benefits from two complementary channels for boosting occupancy and business revenue by means of proper positioning.

Brand image: Moreover, clients benefit from synergy-enhancing management, brand advertising and the recognition that comes from being part of a market developer such as VMAR turismo, thereby allowing them to strengthen their standing or grow.

Unified directory: Forming part of a functional and modern unified directory allows clients to benefit from the wide array of activities that the market development company carries out.

Security: Due to the sheer strength of the commercial ties we offer, our clients will enjoy further advantages over the competition in terms of collective procurement, which ultimately leads to improved security over competitors and when faced with pressure from tour operators.

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