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VIK hotels has caught the public eye thanks to its unwavering commitment to setting itself aside from the crowd and creating its own unique style. Its attention to detail is reflected in the concept of home, which each of its hotels offers. With establishments in both Europe and America, no two are the same and all provide the perfect backdrop for a quite unique experience. From the Canary Islands to Chile, stopping off at the Dominican Republic and Uruguay, every single establishment is included in the VMAR turismo directory.

The fruit of our collaboration can be seen in the marketing and expansion plans implemented for all VIK hotels establishments, always guided by the philosophy and carefully thought-out concept of the VIK Experience.

Eurocanarias Oftalmológica, an Ambulatory Ophthalmological Surgery Centre on the forefront of Spanish ophthalmology for more than 15 years, offers you the chance to fix eye problems using the most accredited, safest and accurate Intralase laser technology, as well as the opportunity to improve eye beauty using the services of specialists in Oculoplastic Surgery.

VMAR turismo commercially advises Eurocanarias Oftalmológica gaining health tourists.

Rafael Cabrera 18, 2º C

35002 Las Palmas de GC

(Las Palmas) Spain

Tf.: (34) 928 391 517

Fax: (34) 928 386 067

Designed by: Connota

Grupo Presidente owns, rents, manages, and operates hotels focused on the luxury and commercial sector in the Mexican hotel industry. Because of its diversity in type of establishments, because of its high level of services, as well as because of its geographical presence in the leading tourist destinations in Mexico, it is an excellent option for the national or international traveller.

VMAR turismo will take care of the marketing in Europe of the twelve establishments that are part the Presidente InterContinental Hotels & Resorts hotel chain in Mexico which are operated by Grupo Presidente.

The Puerto Plata Village Caribbean Resort & Beach Club in Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic, has 386 4-star rooms. Designed as a replica of the Victorian village of Puerto Plata and built as a horizontal development, the hotel offers spacious areas for entertainment and activities in the open air in an elegant setting. Just 450 metres from the hotel is the famous Playa Dorada beach, boasting its golden sand and blue waters. The Playa Dorada Golf Course, ranked as the 53rd best golf course in the world outside of the United States, encircles the hotel, offering a truly marvellous view.

VMAR Turismo has recently signed a collaboration contract, which gives it the commercial management for Europe.