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VMAR turismo is born from a desire to merge proven experience with the opportunities that the new global tourism market has to offer. Our professionals’ grounded and proven knowledge of both European and American destinations is enhanced with new sales methods, thereby allowing us to offer our clientele unbeatable services.

Via our tourism marketing, management and consultancy services, our intention at VMAR turismo is for our clients to enjoy improved and more effective commercial and marketing activities. We therefore offer them our own sales structure, which is able to create synergies for the different companies of the marketing company.

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalised and hooked on new technologies, having a consistent and reliable platform allows us to market products on-line and is always able to adapt to the needs of hotels from a wide range of different markets and segments. Thus, VMAR turismo allows its clients to deal with the market directly, without having to depend so much on middlemen. By employing the right information, promotion and sales tools, the client will enjoy heightened benefits whilst wasting fewer resources.

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35002 Las Palmas de GC

(Las Palmas) Spain

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